Are you looking for a speaker that is going to get your audience engaged, motivated and thinking?

Maryann delivers passionate and thought provoking content that will have your audience enthralled. She tells it how it is and isn't afraid to do so. Many companies are now looking to hire motivational speakers to inspire their employees to not only work harder but to strive to reach their personal best in every area of their life. If you want to drive sales, increase profitability, maximise the potential of your employees or just to simply re-invigorate your company values and goals, it may be time to hire a motivational speaker to drive the change.

Maryann can speak on a range of topics including:


Does your sales team need motivating? Do they need something to kickstart them into action? Does your management team need some motivation? Is company morale low?


Are your salespeople tired and lacking drive? Are your figures lagging?

Marketing & Social

Are your marketing strategies weary? Excite your team with the very latest in marketing and social media trends.

Goal Setting

Without a goal, we have nothing to aim for. Revitalize your potential with goal setting and discover that anything is possible.

People are motivated by different factors and Maryann's life experience and powerful stories strike at the heart of everyone she speaks to. She connects to the audience and combines their expertise with her experiences to deliver a fresh perspective and a more positive outlook on life.

Each presentation is tailored to accommodate your audience and conference needs. Speaking engagements last approximately 60 minutes depending on your requirements.

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